Monday, March 9, 2015

Reuploaded: Chassah Morris-Landgraab

She was uploaded before (when went by the name Missnuki). She's actually on One Billion Pixel's site-- to show other offsprings of her sims) I'm re-uploading her for shits & giggles. She requires sliders, store stuff, and custom content if you want her to look like the screenies.

The story of her existence is on my DA gallery and on NewOne08's Sims 3 machina section. So, yeah One Billion Pixels is fully aware this sim. She is a joint.... project, much like Cassie Fox.

Do not claim this sim as your own, tweak him and put him in some skeezy, virus-filled  forum, or paysite because it is dickish. You want to use sims for breeding purposes and spit out some offspring for upload--FINE-- just give me credit. 
Custom content:
Default Seraphita Skintone. Any skin will do nicely, just select her 
and click on the sims bin to apply whatever skin tone you use.

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