Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Twins..... again?

Anyway, more ME fanatics take part in the naming of children. Jacob and Garrus V are twins....  however, they are polar opposites.

Jacob: "We're total opposites. Y'see one's cool, and I'm SUPER cool."

Garrus V.: "I think you need a dictionary dude."

Jacob: "I was trying to make a fucking point, bro!"

Garrus V.: "The point that you're a dumbass?"

Jacob: "GrrrrRRRRrr---- Oh hey there!"  **glee** 

Garrus and his daughter Jane
Garrus V: She's your wife--- Someone has to take pity on you."  **smirk**

                     Download Jacob                                                       Download Garrus V.
      Jacob: "Don't you DARE call me Jake."                     Garrus: Download me, because I'm awesome.    
                                                                           Download my brother because, he shouldn't be left alone.

Beaverhausen Cool Sims 102 Male hairTijateto Eyebrows 

Garrus V.
Lotus Sims Newsea Battler hairEA Eyebrows Male Teen-Elder Redone **Default Version**
Another Mochi-029 t-shirt retexture

They both should have:

EA Eyebrows Male Teen-Elder Redone **Default Version**

Body Sliders
Ori Nose Shape
Butt Sliders
Facial Sliders
Chin sliders
Chin Neck Slider
Jasumi Pretty Boy Sliders (The brow/forehead part)
Nose Depth
CmarNYC Height Slider
CmarNYC headshape
Jasumi Lip Shape YAM

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