Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dr. Moreau

Military Doctor by daylight...
Club-hopping Party-Girl by moonlight!

Dr. EDI Moreau is the 3rd oldest out of 9 siblings. She didn't go into any other elite sector like the other 8 sisters and brothers, EDI decided to become a military doctor and surgeon. She's also working on a psych degree. 
What's going on with her shoulders?!?!? Ouch!

Dr. EDI: "See? Doesn't it feel good to open up a bit?
Hannah: ".....gRRRRRrrrrrrr."
Dr. EDI: "That's my big sister!"
Audience:  ***Awws & applaudes***

???? Eyeshadow I think it's just EA
Lilisims glasses on head accessory (Wayback machine link)

Do not claim this sim as your own, tweak her and put her in some skeezy, virus-filled  forum, or paysite because it is dickish. You want to use my sims for breeding purposes and spit out some offspring for upload—FINE— just give me credit. 

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