Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Double Trouble

Someone's parents were fans of their squadmates....
Baby Joker
Is a Neat freak to the point of madness. Sometimes known to break into his brothers' houses and clean their floors.  His wife has to lure him by creating a breadcrumb trail to their bed. Murdered an entire gang of robbers for breaking his window and tracking mud on his rug.

Zaeed (aka Damien's Dad)
Recently widowed and wears a pendant with his wife's blood in it. Fun fact-- he was forced to kill her when she went into a blood rage, and tried to eat their children. Charming. 

They're both kinda crazy. It's just that one of them is really efficient at hiding the evidence....  O_o

Body Sliders
Ori Nose Shape
Butt Sliders
Facial Sliders
Chin sliders
Chin Neck Slider
Jasumi Pretty Boy Sliders (The brow/forehead part)
Nose Depth
CmarNYC Height Slider
CmarNYC headshape
Jasumi Lip Shape YAM
Chin Cleft by Tum Tum Simiolino

Do not claim these sims as your own, tweak them and put them in some skeezy, virus-filled  forum, or paysite because it is dickish. You want to use my sims for breeding purposes and spit out some offspring for upload—FINE— just give me credit. 

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