Friday, June 28, 2013

Born 2 Perfection: Gabriel Hamming

Gabriel Hamming-Sharif

He's Danika's big brother. He's a bit of a jock. His last name will be Sharif because he married a liberated genie. They are currently making lots of blue babies.Yes, Virginia, Gabe & Danika are Man-Babies. Those are their biological parents standing behind the siblings. AND THEY ARE BOTH DUDES!


Gabriel's Hair

Sliders: Face & Body
(Integration add-on)

Enjoy him. Breed him. Take screenies. Upload his babies. Just give me credit.  Honestly, 
I'd like to see it. What would piss me off is if you take him, half-ass alter him, and claim him as your own creation.  Also, DO NOT put him on T$R or any other scumbag paysite.

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