Monday, March 18, 2013

Namir Striker

In Bridgeport vampire, Jessica Talon & her human lover, Raphael Striker usually hooked up when you don't interfere

This occurred in during a past playthrough.

In my game they had a son, named Namir Striker. 

Namir as a Teen.

Eventually, he grew up into this:

Name origin from
Namir is Hebrew in origin and its meaning is leopard,
 spotted, stained. Namir is pronounced naw-mare'. 
He won't bite... much. :[

Friday, March 15, 2013

Ra Slayer

I mixed up townies from various worlds... then I randomly dropped a few off in the DLC worlds. In the case of Elvira Slayer, she ran into Nick Alto's brother, Bert Alto.

ALL the men and women she's autonomously banged--- she get's knocked up by a guy named Bert.

Anyway....  here's their son, Ra Slayer:

Ra was already born by the time I realized an untweaked townie had knocked up a tweaked/altered townie. I didn't know what to expect.....  but I got this... face. 

I just left Ra alone. I thought he was adorkable.

 Take him home. Keep him forever.

Sims 3 store
                                                         Bella3lek4 Facial Sliders
Neck to chin slider (not created by me)

Disclaimer: Uhm... Don't claim the sim as your own. It's dickish & I will flip my shit.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cullen Bachelor

He's the Story Progression offspring of Michael Bachelor & Holly Alto. Both parents were tweaked by me.

The only other method to having this sim would be to make Holly Alto & Michael Bachelor woohoo each other.  I did the hard work for you. Claiming this sim as your own is fucking stupid & You should kill yourself for being THAT damn lazy.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


How did I get the name MissNuki.....? No, I'm not a nympho maniac. I'm actually the polar opposite. The name was based on an inside joke in my teen years amongst friends. 

Sim File only. Don't waste your keystrokes asking for a sims3pack. Your comment will be erased.

Joedy Buffy Skintone v4 default

Escand Oh My Eyes default

Facial Sliders

Lip Shape Slider

Kitty Klan Eye Baggage

Tifa Clear Lip Gloss & Face Highlighter

Lotus Sims 3 Newsea Physical retex (Newsea Control)

MissBonbon’s Newsea Starlet retex

EA Store & Expansion/Stuff items **how you acquire these items is not my concern**

Triple Moles under my Eye:
Rez Delnava CAS hack
Daluved1 8 New Beauty Marks
Mermaid Bellamy25 recolorable beauty marks
& EA's standard beauty mark