Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Azrael Hamming YA version

      My teen vampire from my Townie World Crossover has become a teen. His paternal grandfather is a tweaked version of (Bridgeport) Matthew Hamming & and his maternal grandfather & grandmother  are a tweaked version of (Bridgeport) Vladimir Schlick & (Sunset Valley) Agnes Crumplebottom.

                  Azrael Hamming as a teen.                                   Azrael Hamming as a Young Adult

Don't claim this sim as your own. It's still dickish.


Beaverhausen’s retex of Newsea’s Rough Sketch

National Wind Feather earrings by Sasha J

Kitty Klan’s Soft Glo Blush

IN3S Dry Lips

Tifa V1+V2 Mixed Eyeshadow

Aussiebum underwear by After Dusk Sims

Darkno Denim Shorts

Aikea TankTop Mesh Replacement

Ahmed Sliders

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