Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mass Effect: Kaidan Alenko and Commander Shepard (From Tumblr)

Since Tumblr is being balls-crushingly slow.... as it assimilates with wonky-ass Yahoo, people on Deviantart are asking for sims that were in GOS. 

So here's Kaidan Alenko and Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect series.

Major Kaidan Alenko:

Chin Cleft Slider by TumTum Simiolino
Hair by TumTumSimiolino. The Sims Medieval amHairSlick Converted!
Eyebrows: Simmiller Male Default Replacement Brows
Eyeshadow: Simple Life #3
Eyeliner:Arisuka Face contouring and defining makeup
Blush:Yukey’s Freckle Blush
Costume Blush: TIFA Face Highlighter V.3
Everyday: EA (console cheat required)
Formal: EA (Late Night)
Athletic: EA (Generations)
Swimwear: EA
Accessory Shades: EA (Late Night)
Sliders & Defaults:

Commander Shepard:

Slider Hacks: Johna 1NRAASS-ClubJasumiGnatGoSplataWTHeiret, & Ahmed.
Makeup: Arisuka (ALL), EA (Supernatural), Unknown lipstick (No thumbnail, sorry) 
 I think S-Club  N-12.
Facial Hair: EA, Simmilier.
Costume: shadowwolf5889 (Tameless Contacts)
Skintone: Peggy
Clothing: EA (Supernatural, Pets, Late Night)
Hair: Currently EA (Late Night) (Custom Mesh has been requested, but it’s not ready yet. If ANYONE else would like to volunteer & also do Commander Shepard’s buzzcut,I’d be forever thankful.

I already posted Ashley Williams & the Cerberus Wootie, Miranda Lawson:

Enjoy & back to work I go.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Requested Offspring: Mei Vanderburg-- A Vampire Princess?

For the past 2 years, I've been getting requests for her. I've decided to go YOLO.

Her Mother was an altered version of this Late Night townie:

(I sent a PM to Kamelot Fan about uploading Mei 10/10/2011 at ModtheSims & her brother in the future due to requests, but never got a response.  So, I'm putting the creator of Kangee Blackburn up as part of the credits, because I think that's the proper thing to do. Because his/her sim contributed to Mei's appearance, he/she's the ONLY person allowed to upload her as his/her own.)

Clothes pictured are from EA

Unless you are Kamelot Fan you have no right to claim this sim. So don't be a dick and upload her somewhere else as your own. Other than that, have fun with her. Show me screenies.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Born 2 Perfection: Gabriel Hamming

Gabriel Hamming-Sharif

He's Danika's big brother. He's a bit of a jock. His last name will be Sharif because he married a liberated genie. They are currently making lots of blue babies.Yes, Virginia, Gabe & Danika are Man-Babies. Those are their biological parents standing behind the siblings. AND THEY ARE BOTH DUDES!


Gabriel's Hair

Sliders: Face & Body
(Integration add-on)

Enjoy him. Breed him. Take screenies. Upload his babies. Just give me credit.  Honestly, 
I'd like to see it. What would piss me off is if you take him, half-ass alter him, and claim him as your own creation.  Also, DO NOT put him on T$R or any other scumbag paysite.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Born 2 Perfection: Danika Hamming

Offspring Sim. Grand-daughter of Matthew Hamming

-Let's face it. You're going to end up redressing her. 
She's coming in Sim file form. So here are the basics-
Top seen in CAS screenshot: Anubis Sweet Scent Tops


Download my sims, breed them, take screenies of them, upload their offspring-- I really don't care-- just give me credit. 

Oh, and don't pull a T$R  or Sims TR  (or any other scummy Euro thief site) and slightly alter her to post her as your own creation. That's dickish.
NOTE: If you're European, and not a scumbag, then I am NOT referring to you. Calm your tits.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Namir Striker

In Bridgeport vampire, Jessica Talon & her human lover, Raphael Striker usually hooked up when you don't interfere

This occurred in during a past playthrough.

In my game they had a son, named Namir Striker. 

Namir as a Teen.

Eventually, he grew up into this:

Name origin from
Namir is Hebrew in origin and its meaning is leopard,
 spotted, stained. Namir is pronounced naw-mare'. 
He won't bite... much. :[

Friday, March 15, 2013

Ra Slayer

I mixed up townies from various worlds... then I randomly dropped a few off in the DLC worlds. In the case of Elvira Slayer, she ran into Nick Alto's brother, Bert Alto.

ALL the men and women she's autonomously banged--- she get's knocked up by a guy named Bert.

Anyway....  here's their son, Ra Slayer:

Ra was already born by the time I realized an untweaked townie had knocked up a tweaked/altered townie. I didn't know what to expect.....  but I got this... face. 

I just left Ra alone. I thought he was adorkable.

 Take him home. Keep him forever.

Sims 3 store
                                                         Bella3lek4 Facial Sliders
Neck to chin slider (not created by me)

Disclaimer: Uhm... Don't claim the sim as your own. It's dickish & I will flip my shit.