Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hi Haters. Do your worst.

T$R reported my sim uploads as copyright infringements for no damn reason. 

T$R made a false accusation and told Mediafire, DMCA & CBS that this sim.....

 is an infringement of this guy:

Yeah, I know--- dead on, right? I know it may come as a shock to folks at CBS, but I've NEVER seen a single episode of this show. I don't even have Showtime. Unless CBS' character is gay and is married to a dude with 2 man-babies, I doubt MY Dexter & THIS Dexter have anything common besides being males.

So, Mediafire, and T$R, DMCA & CBS can piss off.

 T$R is targeting bloggers who support anti-paysites.... and are lying to to the DMCA.

Mediafire, much like, are utter cowards that don't even look at the situation before suspending your file. So, CC-creators out there, you might want to consider switching to some other file sharing cloud site.

Most of my files will now be 4shared and or box.  

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  1. This is quite common lately and more little blogs had this problem, like von frege (but she managed to get her stuff back online). And t$r is indeed behind it and it's even the founder himself who does it. thomas that is. He has already sent lots of the same message to mediafire and also some others. that it violates the ToS of t$r and such crap. If you are against t$r and just also are a creator, then thomas does such things. And he does even more, if you read the blog of coco.
    Well, there is no real community. Not like the elder scrolls or some other game serie. The TES community is a real community, were they help each other and collaborate much. The so called sims community is no community. It's one big joke and i would say that it meets the level of a kindergarten in most cases.