Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hi Haters. Do your worst.

T$R reported my sim uploads as copyright infringements for no damn reason. 

T$R made a false accusation and told Mediafire, DMCA & CBS that this sim.....

 is an infringement of this guy:

Yeah, I know--- dead on, right? I know it may come as a shock to folks at CBS, but I've NEVER seen a single episode of this show. I don't even have Showtime. Unless CBS' character is gay and is married to a dude with 2 man-babies, I doubt MY Dexter & THIS Dexter have anything common besides being males.

So, Mediafire, and T$R, DMCA & CBS can piss off.

 T$R is targeting bloggers who support anti-paysites.... and are lying to to the DMCA.

Mediafire, much like, are utter cowards that don't even look at the situation before suspending your file. So, CC-creators out there, you might want to consider switching to some other file sharing cloud site.

Most of my files will now be 4shared and or box.